Where to go in Australia

Do you dream to go to Australia? TRIPMYDREAM will tell you the best cities for sightseeing, sea or ski holidays.

Before you decide where to go on holiday in Australia, determine for yourself what you want from him. This is a very expensive country for a European tourist, accustomed to average prices in European resorts. In addition, everything that can be found in Australia in terms of marine recreation (except for luxurious coral reefs) can be found closer. But they are not going to Australia for that. Where else can you hunt crocodiles and kangaroos, moreover, quite openly and without poaching? Where else can you see all those beauties, wonderful creatures like platypuses and Tasmanian devils, if not in Australia.

The most interesting excursion cities in Australia

You will not find really ancient cities in the country, for this you need to go to Europe, to China. But in Australia there are many really cozy and interesting, tourist-friendly places that may be of interest to guests from all over the world. First of all, these cities become the start for a trip to certain reserves. But you can read more about the country’s reserves in the attractions section.







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The best beach resorts in Australia

Australia is famous for its beaches. A country surrounded on all sides by seas and oceans is a real miracle. And Australia claims to be the collector of miracles. If you decide to go to Australia solely for a beach holiday, you certainly risk not seeing all the other places. So beach tours will be more like dilution of sightseeing tours.

Nevertheless, on the shores of the country you can engage in any water sports and entertainment. There is diving, surfing, yachting and just about anything. And you can safely go to any of the largest cities in the country, and you will find wonderful beaches there.



Brisbane (Golden Coast)


Whitsunday Islands


Lizard Island

Tasmania island

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Ski resorts in Australia

It might surprise someone that the southern hot mainland offers skiing holidays. However, Australia’s ski resorts are located in the highlands of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, as well as the Australian Capital Territory. They work in the winter months, from June to August. Usually these are not individual cities dedicated to skiing, but a system of hotels and slopes near a hill with a small tourist center nearby. And, as a rule, this center meets all the requirements of comfort and safety.

Perisher Blue

Falls Creek

Mount Buller

Mount Hotham