Top 3 family restaurants and cafes in Melbourne, Australia

Caring for children can leave you with limited choices. Parents should consider suitable menus if objects are correct and whether the atmosphere can respond to the child’s behavior. Fortunately, Melbourne is not a city that disappoints when it comes to food in the family. Here is our rounded list of places that meet the needs of children, while at the same time offering something for adults.


Bridging the gap between adult dining and serving younger palettes can be difficult, especially if you are trying to please adults without children. The Italian restaurant Motorino does exactly that. Menus that catch real Italian dishes, from sugo all’amatriciana to Sicilian meatballs, are painted on the walls of the board. Comfortably appointed tables — not too close to each other, leaving room for high chairs — give a sense of formality that parents often miss out on when dining con la famiglia. Children can choose from the “bambinos” menu (pizza, pasta) and take a ball of dough on a pizza tray.

Cowderoy Dairy

Take a stroll 10 minutes from St. Kilda’s harbor and Kantani Gardens and you will find the Cowderoy dairy brick building. This is a dairy bar with a new life, breathed into it, which means that you can go outside, shove a trifle in Brecky (muesli from bergur with a coarse pear and compote) and pick up products before leaving. Rustic – albeit illuminated with bright colors and modern furniture – is a cozy home space in which you can foam with children’s beds. It is next to the Jacoby Reserve playground, and in warm weather — when outdoor tables are quickly bought up — borrow their picnic blankets, take the cake from the rack and find a shadow patch nearby.

Birds Num Nums

Another restaurant parked in the North Carlton is Birdie Num Nums. These former butchers — you can still see wall fixtures and marble slabs from your previous incarnation — are now a favorite among those who seek space and entertainment for the little ones. Toys are spreading everywhere, the closed sandbox is back, and there is plenty of space and completely changing objects. The whimsical name, a reference to Peter Sellers’s film The Party, is a worshipful, carefree, child-friendly atmosphere. Foods that focus on younger mouths are aimed to please, including pasta, chicken nuggets and mixed berry pancakes. The menu will also fall into place for adults, whether you are eating in Melbourne, hunting for a looted avocado on a multi-faceted or tired parent who needs latte.