Riding a bike without a helmet in Australia

Safety is paramount, so cyclists in Australia and many other countries are obliged to wear a helmet while riding. It is desirable with additional horns from screeds, as in the initial photo. Failure to comply with this simple rule provides for a decent fine. In addition, other violations when riding a bike can hit the wallet.

Rules, as well as all sorts of fines, posted on the official site. For example, when riding a bike, a scooter with a motor or a personal mobile device like a segway, you must wear a helmet that meets Australian standards. If you don’t have such a helmet, please pay $ 130 (approximately 6,500 rubles at the current exchange rate). Given that the cost of a helmet starts at $ 20, it is easier for many to buy such a helmet in advance.

The list of violations is quite large and provides for more severe penalties for serious misconduct. So, for riding a bike and using the phone already threatens $ 391. A similar ban on the use of telephones exists for car drivers, so there is a pleasant impression that road users are subject to the general rules.

The biggest penalty for cyclists is provided for exceeding the speed limit of more than 40 km / h. It will not be easy to accelerate so much, given that it is difficult to meet the limit of less than 40 km / h. This means that the bike must go at a speed of more than 80 km / h. Rewards for such high-speed feats do not give, you have to pay $ 1,218!

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of cyclists in Brisbane, and people are driving along both special bike paths and roads. It seems to me that a number of rules are perfectly adapted and motivates people to use a bicycle as personal transport. For example, on a bike you can drive through a pedestrian crossing and do not have to dismount every time. The truth is to make sure that pedestrians are lit with green light and move slowly, giving way to pedestrians. Suddenly, cyclists can turn right or left while on the road along with cars. With left-hand traffic in Australia, turning to the right becomes difficult, due to the fact that it is necessary to pass oncoming cars.

The fact that cyclists are allowed such maneuvers seems to me to be very important and adds advantages to using a bicycle. In addition, confirms that the road rules are the same for all road users.

In general, the rules and punishments seem quite logical, so it does not bother anyone to get high from riding a Brisbane bike.