Interesting facts about life in Australia

Australia is so far from Moscow and St. Petersburg that the flight takes almost a day. For example, from Moscow to Sydney to fly 20 hours, the distance between cities is 14,500 km, and the flight from St. Petersburg to Melbourne takes 23 hours, the distance between cities is 14,930 km.

Nobody has died here since 1979 from poisonous spiders. Although for the year found two poisonous spiders in the house and one outside. In general, the people somehow calmly applies to them.

Sharks happen to bite somebody. Sharks in Australia have died in the last 50 years – 53 people, an average of one person per year.

Australia is a world leader in quality and life expectancy; countries where people consider themselves happy; countries where doing business is most comfortable; the richest countries.

Australians have long been tormented with all sorts of animals brought here, always some problems. Either sheep, rabbits, and now huge toads from South America are spreading, starting from the Northeast, more and more widely, devouring all the local small animals, and none of the predators eat these toads – poisonous.

In Australia, there are feral camels, about 1 million heads. They were once brought here, and they live in the steppe and desert, they run wild. There are also horses, for example, wild.

Australians suffer with plants too. Here the cactus of the prickly pear was brought and the prickly pear began to fill the whole of Australia. But then, fortunately, this lime was managed to a great extent – some caterpillars were brought in, which devoured it.

The Australian cultural icon is Steve Irwin, you know him of course, well, that crocodiles dragged their tails all the time, and then died, stung by a ramp. He is often remembered here. Daughter of Steve Irwin is now leading a children’s program about animals Bindi The Jungle Girl. She is small, about 8-10 years old somewhere, but such a quick one, very confident in front of the camera, speaks loudly, grins like a zebra. She also has adult men in her dance gear, I don’t like it.

The number of kangaroos is 2.5 times the number of people. The population of kangaroos is 57 million individuals, the population of Australia is 24 million people.