Australia is ahead of the rest!

The territory of a relatively small Australia is located in three time zones. Perhaps in local communication it does not interfere at all and the difference is almost not felt. However, everything changes if you have to communicate with someone from Europe or America. At such moments I very much regret that the Earth is not flat and time, as never before, is relative.

I will begin with the funniest fact about my communication with our office located in California. Imagine, I come to work on Friday around 9:00 in the morning, I drink morning coffee, and my colleagues from Silicon Valley still have a Thursday (!) 15:00. Or even funnier, when I have a long Saturday morning, the guys in San Francisco are still working on the last hours of the Friday shift.

The moment when I first encountered such a strong time difference, I was very impressed. Not only that between us 11 thousand kilometers, so also a whole day time! All this, of course, is quite logical; Brisbane is located in the “+10” time zone, while California is “-8”. These 18 hours of difference make me a super hero who can transmit news from the future to my colleagues: from Friday to Thursday!

After all these thoughts, I wanted to deal with this issue a little more. The very fact that there should be 24 time zones on Earth seems reasonable, since The earth is round and day we divide for 24 hours. However, locally the beginning of such a reference cannot be physically measured or calculated, such as the equator. Already here the time begins to show its relativity and the starting point can be chosen absolutely any! In order to get rid of such confusion, in 1884 an international agreement on a single zero meridian was adopted. Since then, the prime meridian, as well as the zero time zone, has passed through the Greenwich Observatory in the UK. It is this imaginary line that divides the world into the western and eastern hemisphere.

If you are not impressed by the talk about the time difference, then I want to remind you that there are places on Earth where the difference in the whole day is quite possible. All these wonders are possible thanks to the date line. Which shares the past and the future!