Where to go in Australia

Do you dream to go to Australia? TRIPMYDREAM will tell you the best cities for sightseeing, sea or ski holidays.

Before you decide where to go on holiday in Australia, determine for yourself what you want from him. This is a very expensive country for a European tourist, accustomed to average prices in European resorts. In addition, everything that can be found in Australia in terms of marine recreation (except for luxurious coral reefs) can be found closer. But they are not going to Australia for that. Where else can you hunt crocodiles and kangaroos, moreover, quite openly and without poaching? Where else can you see all those beauties, wonderful creatures like platypuses and Tasmanian devils, if not in Australia.

The most interesting excursion cities in Australia

You will not find really ancient cities in the country, for this you need to go to Europe, to China. But in Australia there are many really cozy and interesting, tourist-friendly places that may be of interest to guests from all over the world. First of all, these cities become the start for a trip to certain reserves. But you can read more about the country’s reserves in the attractions section.







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The best beach resorts in Australia

Australia is famous for its beaches. A country surrounded on all sides by seas and oceans is a real miracle. And Australia claims to be the collector of miracles. If you decide to go to Australia solely for a beach holiday, you certainly risk not seeing all the other places. So beach tours will be more like dilution of sightseeing tours.

Nevertheless, on the shores of the country you can engage in any water sports and entertainment. There is diving, surfing, yachting and just about anything. And you can safely go to any of the largest cities in the country, and you will find wonderful beaches there.



Brisbane (Golden Coast)


Whitsunday Islands


Lizard Island

Tasmania island

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Ski resorts in Australia

It might surprise someone that the southern hot mainland offers skiing holidays. However, Australia’s ski resorts are located in the highlands of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, as well as the Australian Capital Territory. They work in the winter months, from June to August. Usually these are not individual cities dedicated to skiing, but a system of hotels and slopes near a hill with a small tourist center nearby. And, as a rule, this center meets all the requirements of comfort and safety.

Perisher Blue

Falls Creek

Mount Buller

Mount Hotham

Australia is ahead of the rest!

The territory of a relatively small Australia is located in three time zones. Perhaps in local communication it does not interfere at all and the difference is almost not felt. However, everything changes if you have to communicate with someone from Europe or America. At such moments I very much regret that the Earth is not flat and time, as never before, is relative.

I will begin with the funniest fact about my communication with our office located in California. Imagine, I come to work on Friday around 9:00 in the morning, I drink morning coffee, and my colleagues from Silicon Valley still have a Thursday (!) 15:00. Or even funnier, when I have a long Saturday morning, the guys in San Francisco are still working on the last hours of the Friday shift.

The moment when I first encountered such a strong time difference, I was very impressed. Not only that between us 11 thousand kilometers, so also a whole day time! All this, of course, is quite logical; Brisbane is located in the “+10” time zone, while California is “-8”. These 18 hours of difference make me a super hero who can transmit news from the future to my colleagues: from Friday to Thursday!

After all these thoughts, I wanted to deal with this issue a little more. The very fact that there should be 24 time zones on Earth seems reasonable, since The earth is round and day we divide for 24 hours. However, locally the beginning of such a reference cannot be physically measured or calculated, such as the equator. Already here the time begins to show its relativity and the starting point can be chosen absolutely any! In order to get rid of such confusion, in 1884 an international agreement on a single zero meridian was adopted. Since then, the prime meridian, as well as the zero time zone, has passed through the Greenwich Observatory in the UK. It is this imaginary line that divides the world into the western and eastern hemisphere.

If you are not impressed by the talk about the time difference, then I want to remind you that there are places on Earth where the difference in the whole day is quite possible. All these wonders are possible thanks to the date line. Which shares the past and the future!

Riding a bike without a helmet in Australia

Safety is paramount, so cyclists in Australia and many other countries are obliged to wear a helmet while riding. It is desirable with additional horns from screeds, as in the initial photo. Failure to comply with this simple rule provides for a decent fine. In addition, other violations when riding a bike can hit the wallet.

Rules, as well as all sorts of fines, posted on the official site. For example, when riding a bike, a scooter with a motor or a personal mobile device like a segway, you must wear a helmet that meets Australian standards. If you don’t have such a helmet, please pay $ 130 (approximately 6,500 rubles at the current exchange rate). Given that the cost of a helmet starts at $ 20, it is easier for many to buy such a helmet in advance.

The list of violations is quite large and provides for more severe penalties for serious misconduct. So, for riding a bike and using the phone already threatens $ 391. A similar ban on the use of telephones exists for car drivers, so there is a pleasant impression that road users are subject to the general rules.

The biggest penalty for cyclists is provided for exceeding the speed limit of more than 40 km / h. It will not be easy to accelerate so much, given that it is difficult to meet the limit of less than 40 km / h. This means that the bike must go at a speed of more than 80 km / h. Rewards for such high-speed feats do not give, you have to pay $ 1,218!

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of cyclists in Brisbane, and people are driving along both special bike paths and roads. It seems to me that a number of rules are perfectly adapted and motivates people to use a bicycle as personal transport. For example, on a bike you can drive through a pedestrian crossing and do not have to dismount every time. The truth is to make sure that pedestrians are lit with green light and move slowly, giving way to pedestrians. Suddenly, cyclists can turn right or left while on the road along with cars. With left-hand traffic in Australia, turning to the right becomes difficult, due to the fact that it is necessary to pass oncoming cars.

The fact that cyclists are allowed such maneuvers seems to me to be very important and adds advantages to using a bicycle. In addition, confirms that the road rules are the same for all road users.

In general, the rules and punishments seem quite logical, so it does not bother anyone to get high from riding a Brisbane bike.

Coffee in Australia

The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

Coffee in Australia is not just popular, but very popular. You can buy it on every corner, it is inexpensive, and the taste and smell – no doubt will bring pleasure to all lovers and heavily addicted. However, what is interesting to me, the coffee culture in Australia has many amusing features that I want to understand.

At the very beginning of the colonization of Australia, the number one drink was of course tea. This is not surprising, given the large number of English immigrants. However, with the beginning of the use of espresso coffee machines, the situation began to change. The key factor was the cultural boom that began after the Second World War, when the Australian government launched a new migration program, which made it possible for not only residents of the UK, but also other Europeans to move. Many Italians and Greeks brought with them the traditions of coffee making and coffee drinking.

Coffee with a sell without exaggeration at every corner. Many take it regularly on the way to work, so the vicinity of railway stations and other crowded places have long been occupied by small cafes. Locals get up quite early, so the coffee shops open in the morning, and they work …. before lunch. For example, in our house, which is located not far from the station, the cafe opens at 6 am and closes at 14:00. In general, few shops and cafes work on weekdays after 17:00. Although there are exceptions, for example, Starbucks, which is not very popular here, which are only two points in Brisbane, works from 5:30 to 20:00.

Of course, you can buy coffee in any shopping center in the food court, you might have thought. Of course there is truth in this. Moreover, coffee is sold not only in the food court itself, but also in small cafes around the shopping mall. After such a variety, it seems surprising that some fast food chains do not sell coffee. For example, in most parts of KFC there is no coffee, they simply don’t have a coffee machine. Why is the big question.

Yes, of course, all museums, galleries, zoos and any other places with regular traffic, necessarily have a cafe or restaurant, where they will surely offer light snacks, like fish and fries (fish and chips) and a cup of coffee. Looking at how everyone around them eats and drinks a cup of fragrant coffee, it’s hard not to join. It will not work for the hungry, although this is no longer about coffee, but about food in public places as a whole. By the way, there are always plenty of places in a cafe and you can bring snacks with you from home without any problems.

Top 3 family restaurants and cafes in Melbourne, Australia

Caring for children can leave you with limited choices. Parents should consider suitable menus if objects are correct and whether the atmosphere can respond to the child’s behavior. Fortunately, Melbourne is not a city that disappoints when it comes to food in the family. Here is our rounded list of places that meet the needs of children, while at the same time offering something for adults.


Bridging the gap between adult dining and serving younger palettes can be difficult, especially if you are trying to please adults without children. The Italian restaurant Motorino does exactly that. Menus that catch real Italian dishes, from sugo all’amatriciana to Sicilian meatballs, are painted on the walls of the board. Comfortably appointed tables — not too close to each other, leaving room for high chairs — give a sense of formality that parents often miss out on when dining con la famiglia. Children can choose from the “bambinos” menu (pizza, pasta) and take a ball of dough on a pizza tray.

Cowderoy Dairy

Take a stroll 10 minutes from St. Kilda’s harbor and Kantani Gardens and you will find the Cowderoy dairy brick building. This is a dairy bar with a new life, breathed into it, which means that you can go outside, shove a trifle in Brecky (muesli from bergur with a coarse pear and compote) and pick up products before leaving. Rustic – albeit illuminated with bright colors and modern furniture – is a cozy home space in which you can foam with children’s beds. It is next to the Jacoby Reserve playground, and in warm weather — when outdoor tables are quickly bought up — borrow their picnic blankets, take the cake from the rack and find a shadow patch nearby.

Birds Num Nums

Another restaurant parked in the North Carlton is Birdie Num Nums. These former butchers — you can still see wall fixtures and marble slabs from your previous incarnation — are now a favorite among those who seek space and entertainment for the little ones. Toys are spreading everywhere, the closed sandbox is back, and there is plenty of space and completely changing objects. The whimsical name, a reference to Peter Sellers’s film The Party, is a worshipful, carefree, child-friendly atmosphere. Foods that focus on younger mouths are aimed to please, including pasta, chicken nuggets and mixed berry pancakes. The menu will also fall into place for adults, whether you are eating in Melbourne, hunting for a looted avocado on a multi-faceted or tired parent who needs latte.

Interesting facts about life in Australia

Australia is so far from Moscow and St. Petersburg that the flight takes almost a day. For example, from Moscow to Sydney to fly 20 hours, the distance between cities is 14,500 km, and the flight from St. Petersburg to Melbourne takes 23 hours, the distance between cities is 14,930 km.

Nobody has died here since 1979 from poisonous spiders. Although for the year found two poisonous spiders in the house and one outside. In general, the people somehow calmly applies to them.

Sharks happen to bite somebody. Sharks in Australia have died in the last 50 years – 53 people, an average of one person per year.

Australia is a world leader in quality and life expectancy; countries where people consider themselves happy; countries where doing business is most comfortable; the richest countries.

Australians have long been tormented with all sorts of animals brought here, always some problems. Either sheep, rabbits, and now huge toads from South America are spreading, starting from the Northeast, more and more widely, devouring all the local small animals, and none of the predators eat these toads – poisonous.

In Australia, there are feral camels, about 1 million heads. They were once brought here, and they live in the steppe and desert, they run wild. There are also horses, for example, wild.

Australians suffer with plants too. Here the cactus of the prickly pear was brought and the prickly pear began to fill the whole of Australia. But then, fortunately, this lime was managed to a great extent – some caterpillars were brought in, which devoured it.

The Australian cultural icon is Steve Irwin, you know him of course, well, that crocodiles dragged their tails all the time, and then died, stung by a ramp. He is often remembered here. Daughter of Steve Irwin is now leading a children’s program about animals Bindi The Jungle Girl. She is small, about 8-10 years old somewhere, but such a quick one, very confident in front of the camera, speaks loudly, grins like a zebra. She also has adult men in her dance gear, I don’t like it.

The number of kangaroos is 2.5 times the number of people. The population of kangaroos is 57 million individuals, the population of Australia is 24 million people.